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The GA-72Cd Locator detects the magnetic field of iron and steel objects. It provides audio detection signals that peak in frequency when the locator’s tip is held directly over the target. The GA-72Cd has the option of nulling or peaking.



Only two Controls! Designed for one-hand operations, the On/Off-Sensitivity and Volume controls are located on the underside of the cover. This provides easy access, protects the knobs and contributes to their overall ruggedness and dependability.

Most Rugged

Designed to withstand the rigors of daily on-site usage and a wide range of environmental conditions

Audio & Visual Output
  • 3-digit LCD readout
  • Choice of Two Audio Modes: Peak or Null response
  • Battery & Sensitivity Indicators
  • Signal Strength and Polarity Indications
Data-log output

Analog output signal for input to a data logger.  The signal varies in proportion to signal strength allows recording of object profiles for training

4 Levels of Sensitivity

​​​​​Our HeliFlux sensors provide high sensitivity allowing Schonstedt products to detect products down to a depth of 5.5m / 18’

No response to aluminum, brass, or copper

​​​​​Eliminates false locates

HeliFlux® sensors

​​​​Schonstedt’s unique, patented HeliFlux magnetic field sensors provide much higher sensitivity than the standard ring core sensors that most of the competition uses, giving users of Schonstedt products a clear advantage when searching for deeply buried objects and when wanting to pinpoint the exact shape of utilities

Modular construction; high performance components

​​​​The design and construction of our magnetic locators make them that rare combination of high performance, rugged and also straightforward to maintain and repair, leading to low overall total cost of ownership

Hard case

​​​​​Protects the locator from knocks and scrapes when not in use and stored in equipment vans or trucks

7-year warranty

​​​​​Users of Schonstedt products can be confident in the low total cost of ownership of their purchases because they are supported by a 7 year warranty. Some competitors offer 2 or more, but most only provide 1-year coverage